Friday, August 27, 2010

A better day

I have been feeling much better today, possibly due to a really good (and long) night's sleep. I have not been able to fall asleep as readily as usual in the past few days, so it was really good that I fell asleep as soon as I went to bed at 10pm and slept soundly till 9 am. I haven't felt any need for a nap today, of course! No vomiting and only minor diarrhea.

My sister Dorothy used her respite time (a carer comes in to look after her husband Mick for four hours twice a week) to come and visit and we spent a lovely couple of hours sitting in the sun, knitting (crocheting in her case) and chatting. After she left I continued in the sun reading a detective novel that I found on my shelf which I hadn't read - oh dear. I am enjoying it.

I had some tomato soup at lunchtime - almost a normal serving - so I am really happy about that. I couldn't manage the croutons though. Kevin is cooking sausages with mashed potato, cabbage and gravy for tonight's meal. I quite like the thought of it, but will probably pass on the sausage. I'm very happy that I can actually contemplate eating at least some of it.

Only three more tablets (tonight's dose), then a six day chemo holiday. I am so grateful that I am feeling better. Don't know if the hypnotherapy has helped (though I have listened to one of his MP3 tapes a couple of times and tried to follow the suggestions).

Whatever, today has been better. I hope tomorrow will be too.

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  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better. You totally deserve these good days. To be able to eat and enjoy some food is a real bonus. I am away for a few days but have been checking in when I can and am so happy to have checked in today and read your good news.....:-)Hugs