Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Irinotecan Cycle 1, day 8

Christmas was very pleasant. It was lunch at my sister's house and we had the usual turkey and ham. Cold, not hot, which was just as well as the temperature got up to nearly 40 degrees (Celsius, not Fahrenheit, so it was really HOT). I managed a small amount of ceviche, which is the traditional family starter for celebratory occasions, a minute amount of ham and turkey, but quite a pile of salad and pickled vegetables, then a small slice of frozen Christmas pudding.

That was the last time I had an appetite.

I am feeling rotten. I am so tired that I am sleeping the clock around, getting up and then going back to bed. I have stomach cramps and minor diarrhea. I am nauseated at the smell of food and cannot eat anything after breakfast, so Sustagen is my major food source. I just hope I start feeling better soon - I think these are the worst side effects I have ever had from chemo. My next appointment with the oncologist is not until January 12th, and I will be seeing a locum because the usual doctor is taking his annual leave.


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling so rotten Joan, thinking of you as always. Sometimes it's good to see a locum, you never know, he might have some good suggestions.

  2. Happy that you were able to enjoy Christmas dinner a bit, sorry you are not feeling well now. The medications seem to be worse than the disease doesn't it. Keeping you in my prayers Joan.....:-)Hugs

  3. Joan, could you manage an egg flip, important that you eat nourishing food. Oh how I understand what you are going through. I lived on egg flips and banana smoothies for quite a while when I was on chemo.

  4. Joan,

    I'm hoping that you are feeling a little better than you were when you wrote this post?

    Wishing for good things for you in the New Year xx