Monday, December 6, 2010

Afternoon Tea

Yesterday we went to visit my uncle Boy (my mother's only brother) and aunt Pat. We were invited for afternoon tea. Boy and Pat have an enormous family (eight children, twenty-plus grandchildren and twelve greatgrandchildren). Number twelve GGchild was born on Sunday morning, so there was a lot of excited phoning going on, especially from the the new babe's grandmother who is on a cruise in New Zealand with husband and sister and brother in law. During the course of the afternoon all the other children, plus assorted grandchildren, dropped in. It wasn't arranged - I get the feeling that it's customary on a Sunday.

Just as well Pat had overcatered as usual. I did manage three battered prawns and a mince pie, a good effort since I had eaten a big slice of pork and quite a few vegetables for lunch. I didn't have any dinner and went to bed really early.

My uncle Boy (John) also has cancer. His is prostate cancer which has metastasized to the bones. He has had hormone treatment, radiation and is now going to have some chemo in a week or so. I don't know what drug, but the oncologist has said it's quite gentle and they will stop if the side effects are too bad. Boy's oldest son, also John, is a doctor, and he is heavily involved in vetting Boy's treatments.

Boy is 86 and is visibly more frail than the last time we saw him a couple of months ago. He is now using a walker and confesses to frequent naps. He was quite chuffed when I told him I needed them too.

It was a lovely afternoon, but I am actually quite glad that we don't have such a large family to just drop in on us.

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  1. That was something we use to do when we were kids, our parents always took us to visit our grandparents and it was so much fun playing with my cousins.
    So happy to read that you were well enough to visit and also that you ate a bit....:-)Hugs