Friday, December 3, 2010

Chemo delayed

I was supposed to have a dose of irinotecan today, but when we went to see the oncologist he offered me a choice. I NEED to start chemo again soon or the gains from the SIRT will not continue (my CEA has dropped from 9000 to 7000). However the doctor agreed that the side effects from irinotecan are as bad as I had read and that in two weeks' time I was likely to be suffering from diarrhea and nausea as well as possible hair loss. I could have a small dose today and have some side effects, or wait till after the wedding and have a massive dose after.

I know Kevin wanted me to do the chemo, but I really want to feel as well as possible for the wedding. It may shorten my life, but I will be smiling on the day and hopefully not worrying about toilet breaks and throwing up. I will not experience our daughter's wedding again - it is worth anything to be able to enjoy the day.

The wedding is on the Saturday 18th - I have my dose of irinotecan on Monday 20th. I might even be able to enjoy Christmas lunch if the side effects don't kick in too quick. Today I had my PICC line dressed and organised for the next two dressings before the chemo.

Martin seems to be doing OK, though he still has daily dressings of his IV antibiotic. He is going to stay with us the night before the wedding - much less hassle.


  1. Hi Joan, I hope feel fantastic on the day so you can enjoy wedding! Thinking of you. Jan

  2. I'm not sure if this is good news or not Joan but you have made a choice so I am with you and pray you have a wonderful day at your daughter's wedding, also hope Martin enjoys the day as well.
    Be strong and Good Luck with everything....:-)Hugs