Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It is one year ago today that I was diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer with numerous metastatic tumours in the liver and a few in the lungs.

It has been a hard year. I have had 15 rounds of chemo treatments with various drugs. Side effects have been horrific - complete loss of appetite, constant diarrhea and nausea. I lost 30 kilos in weight. The chemo treatments have not stopped the spread of the disease. My last CT scan showed that some of the liver tumours had coalesced (joined together) and the lung tumours had enlarged. Then I had SIRT (selective internal radiation therapy) where radioactive spheres are injected into the liver. We won't know how well that worked until another CT scan in January.

But all in all, looking back on the year, I rejoice in that I AM STILL HERE! I am feeling well, and I look forward to a few more cancerversaries. I went to the dentist yesterday for a checkup and got a clean bill of health in that area. I am told I am looking pretty good with the weight loss - getting compliments on the slimmer me. The wedding is in three days and the weather forecast is good - neither too hot or rain. It's all good.


  1. Happy cancerversary dear Joan, love hearing you in such a good mood and even happier to know you will have a wonderful day on Saturday. So excited for my heart and prayers always......:-)Hugs

  2. Well done :) I think it is deserving of celebration - which you will have on Saturday,

  3. Happy "Cancerversary"! And here's to many more!! Enjoy the wedding!