Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hanging in there

just! The last three days have been pretty awful - I have been vomiting as soon as I get up, despite taking a Pramin. Couple that with diarrhea and the less said about the morning visit to the bathroom, the better.

I managed to get the quilt top finished and delivered it to the professional quilter on Friday morning, so that is one out of the way. I have three left to finish - one was almost done when I lost interest some years ago and really only needs 3-4 hours work. Another is all sandwiched and ready to go, while I plan to use my computer machine for the third one. I am hoping I will feel more energetic next week when I am off the Xeloda.

On Thursday I went and got a haircut. While my hair got really thin for a while, it has started to grow again, so I was looking a bit like Einstein - all wispy bits sticking out. Now it is all the same length and looks much better.

I have an appointment with a psychologist who also does hypnotherapy this coming Tuesday. I am hoping that he may be able to help with my complete aversion to food. I don't even need to smell or taste it at the moment - just the thought of eating makes me gag. Even my morning porridge and fruit is getting harder and harder to force down.

Only five more days before this round of Xeloda is done with, then a six day break before the next visit to the oncologist.


  1. Joan I just can't believe how you keep going, doing your quilts, making plans for when you are feeling better next week and seeing the hypnotherapist on Tuesday (great idea).....I think it is wonderful, so many would just lay in the fetal position feeling sorry for themselves (and they have every right too) but not you, you just keep doing the best you can. I know at my worst, I slept most of the day away but like you I did try and make plans to do other things between treatments. Good luck to you my friend, keeping you in my heart and prayers always....;-)Hugs

  2. Hello Joan, just popping in to say hello and let you know I am thinking of you. I do hope you are feeling better my friend.....:-) Hugs