Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The CT Scan

I managed to mess up my appointment time - I thought it was 10.45 am when it was actually supposed to be 9.45. Fortunately they were able to slot me in as the last patient for the morning. I don't know how it happened - blame it on chemo brain that I didn't actually check the time on my appointment letter.

By the time the scan was finished they were delivering lunch to surrounding wards and it smelled so good! What a thing to say about hospital food! It smelled like savoury mince with peas and other vegetables and I thought about it all the way home. I decided a meat pie would be good, so I stopped off and bought two at a deli. Got them home and reheated, only to discover that I couldn't eat more than two fork fulls, despite a liberal dose of tomato sauce. However, it didn't go to waste - Kevin finished it off after his own pie. I had a glass of Sustagen.

Now we wait until Friday to find out what the scan showed. Please let it be good news.

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  1. Joan, I have thought of you as I was out and had some pizza wraps yesterday which must of been tinged as I was up all night in the bathroom. I was so sick and had to force myself to drink a bit of water so I wouldn't be dehydrated. Feeling better this evening, had some ginger ale and crackers.
    I do hope your scan gives you good news. Keeping you in my prayers......:-) Hugs