Sunday, November 14, 2010

Post Radiation

The SIRT infusion went well, and I have been told the spheres all went where they were supposed to go. I will be slightly radioactive for the next week, but pose no danger to anyone other than small children or pregnant women, and only then if I am in close contact for more than a hour. This won't be a problem.

I arrived at the hospital a bit before 7am, after fasting since the previous evening, and by 7.15 I was hooked up to a Panadol infusion and given a tablet to take. I really enjoyed the water I had with it. The procedure took just on two hours - no pain but a bit of discomfort from lying still. I saw most of it on the X-ray screen -the insertion of the coils to block off the unwanted second artery branch was most interesting. I thought that only one coil would be inserted, but they actually used five. It looked like a scribble on the screen - perhaps a doctor's signature!

After the procedure was finished I was taken to a ward and had to lie still for another two hours, though I was allowed to have water. I have a seal in my groin artery which will dissolve gradually over the next 90 days, but should not cause any problems. I spent the night in hospital. My room was not as palatial as the one I had at SJoG, but it had a lovely view of the the Narrows interchange park and lakes and the city skyscrapers beyond. It certainly helps to have pleasant surroundings when you have to be in hospital.

The next morning I went to have more scans - this time with a Gamma Ray camera. I didn't have to fast for this,so I enjoyed some breakfast. It was these scans that showed the spheres had gone where they were supposed to, so I am really hopeful they will kill off the liver tumours.

After I was released from hospital we went to see the oncologist prior to my having a second push of 5-FU. He had some bad news. In the two months I have been off chemo the lung tumours have increased in number and size, though the most serious part of my condition is definitely the liver. I am to have some more chemo in three weeks with a different drug - irinotecan. I hope I don't have nasty side effects - it is only 5 weeks to Helen's wedding and I do want to feel well for that.

When we got home I went and had a sleep, then we went to the opening of the Designing Women exhibition in which I have some pieces. I was exhausted after a hour or so, even though I found a chair, so went straight to bed when we got home.

Yesterday we went down to Martin's unit to find some things he wanted and then went to see him in hospital. He says he is feeling much better, but his stomach is still distended. He is still having problems with his bowels.


  1. Gosh it has been a busy few days for you Joan. I too hope this treatment kills those liver tumors, do they have a treatment for the tumors in your sorry you are going through this. I am hoping you will be feeling well and able to enjoy your daughter's wedding. I do hope your son is better soon.....:-) Hugs

  2. I'm currently in remission after surgery for liver cancer. I follow the blogs of 2 people with rectal/colon cancer. Both on irinotecan. They call it Evil Irene! Hope it's not evil for you.

  3. Just stopping by to say hello and see how you are doing, hoping this treatment isn't too hard for you and also pray that your son is out of hospital and feeling better. Always in my heart and prayers.....:-)Hugs