Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No news is good news?

I haven't been blogging because there has been nothing much happening. I have diarrhea again and it is knocking me around. I get up in the morning, have a shower and go back to bed again for an hour or so. Each time I have a bowel episode I have to have another lie down - it is a pain to be so weak and tired. It is not helped by lack of appetite - I have again lost the desire to eat.

I have been visiting a Chinese doctor who employs laser acupuncture and my shoulder is almost pain free. I went to him today and he treated the constant "stuffed head" I have had for a while. He ascribes it to pinched nerves - certainly he managed to find some very painful points in my neck. I am going back in a fortnight.

I have a PICC line dressing on Friday, then the following week I will be having the new chemo. It doesn't sound like fun, according to what I have read, but every drug is different, and I may just be able to handle this one better than Folfox6 or Xeloda. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the side effects this first time will be minimal - I want to feel well for the wedding.

Martin is out of hospital, but still has a catheter and a pump for IV antibiotics. He gets a daily visit from a nurse who changes the IV bag - he has been taught how to handle the catheter himself. Yesterday we took him to the hospital where he had more blood tests and it seems there may be a problem with his kidneys. We can only wait and see.


  1. Thanks for the update Joan, I have been thinking of you. Sorry you are not feeling that great and feel badly for your son. I am praying for both of you, I hope you both can enjoy your daughter's wedding......:-)Hugs

  2. I haven't posted a comment on here before but notice in this post that you mention treatment for shoulder pain. It's a weird symptom that not many people connect with liver disease, often putting it down to stress or tension that can be cured with physio or massage. It's caused by an enlarged liver or tumour pressing on nerves which are connected to nerves in the shoulder.