Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have been unwell since Tuesday evening when I had a bad dose of the chills. Even though it was 25 degrees celsius, and Kevin was feeling quite comfortable in a Tshirt, I couldn't get warm at all and was literally shaking like a leaf, while my teeth were chattering like castenets. I took my temperature and it was normal, so I went to bed with two blankets, the quilt and an extra throw rug. I was all better, though very tired, by morning. I spent most of the morning moving from toilet to bed.

By the afternoon I was feeling much better, so I decided to to sit out in the sun. Then the shivers started again, so I called the oncologist. He was concerned and made an appointment for me to see him today and to have a blood test beforehand. I was also to take my temperature regularly during the evening/night.

The shivers continued for several hours, though not at the intensity they were the day before, then suddenly I was dripping with sweat. Took my temperature and it was 38, so decided bed was the best place for me. This was at 8.45. I woke up much more frequently than usual, and I didn't have diarrhea. At 11.55 my temperature had dropped to 37.9. At 3am it was back to 38 and by 6am it was down a bit to 37.5. It was normal when I got up for a shower and to have breakfast, but I was very weak.

We went off to the hospital for the blood test and the oncologist appointment (I packed a bag just in case). Because we had a wait between blood test and doctor, I checked whether I could have my PICC line flushed and dressed today rather than tomorrow and they were able to fit me in. When I saw the doctor, he told me my white blood cells were OK, but I had some sort of infection. I was sent off to give a urine sample (which was a difficulty, even though I had been drinking lots) and to get blood taken and cultured from the PICC line. I had to go back to the Ivy suite for that.

The oncologist is going to phone me on Saturday if I need any further treatment. For the moment, the prescription is rest and an antibiotic (here at home thank goodness). I am feeling pretty good at the moment though I probably need to get horizontal shortly.

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  1. Good Morning Joan, so sorry to hear of the infection. I do hope the antibiotics kick in soon and that you feel better. Chemo is pure poison but one must do what they have to do. Hope your son is doing better. Keeping you both in my prayers.....:-)Hugs