Saturday, February 5, 2011

Human Albumin

When I left Joan this evening she was having a two-unit infusion of Human Albumin.

The fluid drain is still in and the total is now over 5 litres. When the flow slows down to a dribble, the tube will be removed and if the Onco thinks she is strong enough, she can come home. She still has swollen feet and legs from fluid retention.

Joan has discussed the disposal of her quilting/sewing books and numerous lengths of fabric. Her plan is to offer them to her many fellow stitchers for the price of a donation to the Cancer Council. Her sewing machines will be sold.

This morning when I visited her, I firmly believed that she was not going to be able to come home again. She was agitated, in pain and had a ghastly pallor. This evening she is feeling and looking better and we hope she can come home tomorrow. This dose of protein should help. The shift during the day to a private single room also cheered her up.


  1. Hello Kev,

    I'm glad to hear you say that Joan is both looking and feeling a little better this evening.

    I too hope that she can come home tomorrow.

    I will be thinking of you both xx

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  2. I so hope she comes home would be so nice to have her own things all around her.

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