Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yesterday was busy. We had a 3pm appointment with our financial adviser and headed off a bit earlier to collect some painkiller meds at St John’s. I helped Joan shower for the first time since diagnosis. Even a simple shower is enough to tire her so much that she has to return to bed. We have decided to contact the Silver Chain and discuss what services we need for Joan to remain at home.

The medication is named ACTIQ and is a controlled drug which is supposed to be one of the strongest self-administered pain killers. Each packet contains 3 units (something like a small lollipop) which is rubbed into the inside of the cheek. It takes about 15 minutes to dissolve and in the initial tryout yesterday, worked for about 45 minutes. Each package costs $186.10 and we pay only $5.60 because the Oncologist is prescribing it as palliative medication.

The pain Joan is experiencing is in her shoulders and lower back. We are hoping that it is not bone metastases from the liver and just muscle pain. I have given her quite a few massages and they give temporary relief. She is having a Bowen massage session on Friday morning.

Later in the afternoon, Joan’s friend Juliet visited with a lovely beef casserole for us. She is aware that Joan is having great difficulty eating anything and I will enjoy the meal(s) and not have to tell porkies about how much Joan liked it.


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  2. Oh Kev please say hello to Joan from me and let her know I think of her every day. I hope the pain medication help and like you I am praying it has not spread to her bones. Much love Joan, always in my prayers.....:-)Hugs

  3. Shoulder and lower back pain when you have liver tumours can be associated with referred nerve pain (not muscle) from the enlarged liver or tumour pressing on nerve links. Massages will give temporary relief.

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