Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home again

I came home Friday afternoon after 3 and a half days in hospital. Much relieved. The reason I was in hospital was that I fell in the bathroom on Tuesday morning and bumped my head. This is the result.
I couldn't get up, so we had to call an ambulance and they took me to emergency at Fremantle. They whacked on a collar and I had an X-ray of my neck and a CT scan of my skull. Both were OK, but they decided to contact the oncologist and he said to send me to St John of God, Subiaco for observation. There are more details on the family blog. I felt fine the next day, except that I was aching all over, both from the fall and from having to lie so still for so long on the very hard emergency ward trolley.

The one advantage of being in St John's is the food, which is remarkably good. You fill in the order form, then it arrives at the appropriate meal hours or days later. No need to think any more, and since I often don't feel like eating something a while after I have told Kevin I would like it, I could eat more. Not that my appetite even approaches previous levels, but I managed at least some of every meal - especially the sweets. Net result: 2 kilos, and I had nothing at all on Tuesday!

The gash is healing nicely and I will get the stitches out on Thursday.

I still have quite a bit of hair and it doesn't seem to be falling out in handfuls anymore. While a couple of people have suggested shaving it all off, I think I will hang on to what is there a bit longer.


  1. Oh Joan! How awful! I hope it doesn't hurt too much.
    I cut my hair short and just let it go, I didn't shave it either. I never did wear a wig (even though I bought 2!), I was more comfortable in scarves. It's been 7 months since my hair fell out and it's almost long enough to go without a scarf!
    Hope you heal quickly, and can rest well!

  2. Joan I was sorry to read about your fall. So glad you are doing better now, our friend Daria passed away yesterday. I so hate Cancer but then not many people do like it do they. Be well my friend....Hugs