Monday, January 10, 2011

Losing it

My hair that is. In the middle of last year my hair thinned considerably ( see a photo here), but it never got to the stage where I needed a scarf or wig to hide a bare scone. I also never noticed it actually falling out.

This time it IS noticeable and I may need scarves and wigs. Kevin noticed it first. I had been sleeping and had perspired on my pillow so he put it out in the sun - and there were handfuls of hair there. I brushed my hand over my sweaty neck and came away with more handfuls of hair. Any time I run my fingers or a brush through a bunch of hair comes away.

At this rate I will be bald in a week.


  1. I remember that time very first I was devastated but grew use to it. I hated wigs, even scarves so learned to accept being bald. I was this way about a year, as soon as I finished chemo it immediately began to grow in again. This too shall pass......:-)Hugs

  2. I rememember when Ron began losing his hair. He immediately went to the barber and had it all shaved off. But he's on a different Chemo now and has a beautiful head of hair. Only this time it came in curly! Like when he was little. :)