Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food again

We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary yesterday with a visit to a Vietnamese restaurant. I managed to eat quite a lot. We started with pork and prawn spring rolls. There were 4 in a serving and I ate all of one. Mains were seafood braised with vegetables, yummy sliced pork cooked in a sweet-sour sauce (nothing like the deep fried pork pieces with a pineapple laden sauce that is served up under the name in most Asian eateries) and prawns in a coconut curry sauce. I was able to eat some of everything and enjoy it. Kevin has photos of us and the food on the family blog.

I am really tired again today. I did two loads of washing this morning AND hung it out, so there is some excuse, I suppose. It annoys me that I have to pace myself so much - I was going to go and do some grocery shopping as well, but just couldn't summon up the energy. Instead I sat and reread another of the JD Robb "in Death series". I am doing a lot of light reading - it doesn't matter if I doze off. I can pick them up without having to go back to find the thread again.

We see the oncologist on Wednesday and I expect to have another dose of irinotecan. I will have a blood test on Tuesday - I hope the tiredness is not due to a low blood count.


  1. Hello Joan,

    Wishing you both a very happy 45th Wedding Anniversary.

    The food sounds delicious, very tempting to be able just to pick at each dish..that's my favourite way of eating, lots of selection so I can just have bits of everything..

    I hope your blood tests go well and that you feel less tired soon.

  2. Joan, what a lovely photo of you and Kevin, congratulations on your 45th and like Kevin here is wishing for your 50th.
    The food sounds and looks delicious although I am not a Thai food lover (I do love Chinese food which is similar NO Currie though) Good Luck with your blood work, you look and sound so good.......:-)Hugs