Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shoulder Massage

My shoulder has been hurting for some months now. I had several sessions with a Bowen therapist and she reduced the pain considerably. Unfortunately I had to cancel my last appointment since that was the day I went into hospital with vomiting and diarrhea.

Since then the pain has come back. It was particularly bad when I turned over in bed. Kevin has been trying to help by giving me massages around my shoulder blades and where the neck and shoulder join. These gave me some relief, but the pain was still there.

So yesterday I went back to the therapist, and in an hour and a half she managed to reduce the pain to almost nothing. I still have it, but it is much more bearable. Thanks, Gail.

I am still feeling well and eating quite well too. I can't tolerate the smell of fat in the morning though, so poor Kevin had to sacrifice his potato patties this morning when the cooking smell caused me to vomit. He did have two though, and I was able to eat my usual Weetbix and fruit for breakfast.


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  2. So happy to hear you are still feeling well Joan, have a wonderful weekend....:-) Hugs

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