Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Treatment Underway

Yesterday we had a consultation with the radiotherapy specialist regarding the SIRT treatment. The doctor gave us almost too much information, especially since we had researched the treatment. However, we found this a pleasant change, since the oncologist is not terribly communicative and we have to question him closely to obtain any information at all.

In any case, I am booked in for the investigative portion of the procedure. I go into hospital as a day patient next Thursday and will have some spheres injected to check that they go where they are supposed to in the liver, and not into other organs such as the lungs which would be a bad thing. Then I have a CT scan to pinpoint the liver tumours. After a period of observation to check there are no adverse effects I can go home. If all goes well, then I will get the actual treatment the next week or the week after. Then I will have to stay in hospital overnight.

I am hoping that I will be able to have this treatment as it seems likely to give me quite a lot more time. The specialist also said that it may be possible to have a second dose if the tumours start up again in a year or two. I just hope it works and kills them to start with.

I am still feeling well, though I wasn't able to eat dinner (spaghetti bolognaise) last night. I think it was the smell of the meat. Instead I had stewed apple and icecream, with a little cream. When I weighed myself this morning I had gained another half kilogram, maybe. The scales are a bit erratic.


  1. This is exciting and wonderful news Joan. Am praying all goes well, you totally deserve this time without being so very are so strong even when you are feeling weak. Am so happy for you and your family, always in my prayers.....:-) Hugs

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  3. Hi Joan,

    I will be thinking about you on Thursday and hoping all goes well.

    I also struggle a lot with the smell of meat now...stewed apples, ice cream and cream sounds far nicer anyway :-)
    I'd definitely choose that over meat anyday..

    Keep well Joan
    Best wishes, Carole xxx

  4. Good luck this week, Joan. I'll be anxious to hear how everything went.