Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Don't read this post if you are put off by sordid details!

It is difficult to be positive when you feel so horrible. I have had dreadful diarrhea for the last few days, plus I am throwing up without warning. No feelings of nausea, just a sudden upchuck. Last night I threw up immediately I had finished my meal (strawberries and icecream) and swallowed my first Xeloda. I waited a bit, then took the three tablets. Kept them down, then had a nasty accident from the other end when I got up to go to bed. Cleaned that up, took a Gastrostop, then threw up again. It was more than an hour since the Xeloda, so that should have dissolved.

I am sleeping lots, so I should start feeling better soon, I hope. However, the foot-hand syndrome has started again - much earlier this cycle than in the past. Lots of cream on my feet seems to be helping.


  1. Gosh Joan, sounds like you really are having a rough time.....cancer is not for sissy's is it. I do hope everything settles down for you soon, so happy you have the wonderful support of your husband.......keeping you in my heart and prayers always......:-) Hugs

  2. I am so sorry that the sides affects are so very rough. Chemo must be the only cure that is almost as bad as the disease. I agree with Bernie about Kev.

  3. :( Chemo sucks. Hope things go better soon. Call your Oncology nurses for some advice.