Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Legging it

My legs have somewhat diminished in size, but are still very swollen. I was prescribed penicillin and frusemide by the resident at StJoG on Saturday. I went to have my PICC line dressed and the nurse was so upset by my legs that she called the resident. It took 2 hours waiting, but at least my legs were elevated in the chemo chair!

I have been exercising and resting and I think I am getting stronger. I have an appointment with the oncologist on Friday to look at options. This may involve SIRT radiation or more chemo - hopefully a bit kinder than I have experienced to date. I am able to eat a whole lot more since I came out of hospital. Unfortunately nothing tastes all that good - but I am trying.


  1. Glad your doing better, but what is causing all the swelling in your legs? Thinking of you every day Joan, I am glad you are able to eat as you need the nourishment.....you will be so much better soon, and you have your daughter's wedding to look forward too........:-)Hugs

  2. Hopefully you will be at next Designing Women meeting? I haven't had anything framed yet so you are well ahead. Keep resting! Margaret