Monday, February 7, 2011


More than 7 litres of fluid was drained from my abdomen from Friday to Sunday. When I got home I weighed myself, and the 4 kilos I had put on over the past week or so had disappeared along with the fluid.

The drain was removed yesterday and a waterproof patch put on, but the fluid was still coming out. Kevin has a blow by blow description:
"The abdominocentesis tube out of her abdomen was removed and a large waterproof’ dressing stuck over the hole in her stomach. By the time we had arrived home the fluid pressure has forced a leak in the dressing and urine-looking fluid was running like a Queensland flood. We rang the Oncologist and he suggested we go to our pharmacy and get lots of gauze pads and change the dressing regularly until the flow slowed down.

After several attempts at stemming the flow we resorted to large incontinence pads. When Joan was in bed the flow slowed and the pad almost held the spillage overnight. This morning we rang the Oncologist’s office and the nurse/receptionist told us to come in immediately. The fix was to clean up the area around the hole and attach a small bag which can be emptied easily. There is a spare bag for me to use if somehow we damage the one stuck on Joan’s belly."
We have emptied the bag once this afternoon and the flow seems to have slowed considerably.

Apart from the visit to the hospital for the bag, I have spent most of today flat on my back with my feet raised on a pillow. I am very tired and my feet and lower legs are still swollen. Apparently this has little to do with the abdominal fluid and the remedy is basically what I have been doing today.

I still have no appetite, but I think my hair is getting thicker. I don't notice any on the pillow any more, and my scalp doesn't shine so much.

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  1. What a time you are having, I think you and Kev have a special relationship that will surpass even this horrible disease, a love that will live on forever. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always....:-)Hugs