Friday, October 8, 2010

New Treatment

We visited the oncologist today. He seemed pleased with the overall improvement in my health. He has made an appointment with another specialist regarding the possibility of SIRT (Selective Internal Radio Therapy) treatment. This will be next Tuesday. If I am suitable for this treatment it will happen in about three weeks and I will also have some chemotherapy with a drug I haven't had before on the day before and the day after. In the meantime I have a chemo holiday - hooray!

I am feeling well and can eat quite well. I am having Sustagen between meals to keep up the calories, even though I don't want to put on too much weight. So far I seem to have gained a kilo, though my weight fluctuates from day to day. I have reasonable energy levels too. I went to the meeting of the Contemporary Quilt Group this morning before we went to the hospital. I am rather tired now, so I will go to bed straight after "Collectors" at 8pm. I want to go to the Designing Women meeting in the morning - it is the last one before the exhibition in November.

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  1. Joan, I've been following your blog, and keeping you in my prayers. So glad you are feeling better!! You have been through so much!